A minimal to-do list app with a clean interface

Screenshot of Focused app

Why yet another to-do list app?

There are a million to-do list apps out there and the top ones among them have features that would satisfy most to-do list aficionados. So why yet another to-do list app?

Focused was born out of a need for the following combination of features:

Most apps have these features in one form or another. But none of the apps have all these features or behave quite the same as outlined above.

Some apps have the concept of a Focus list. It is usually called Starred, Important or My Day. A few issues with the Focus list in those apps:

Some apps have the concept of a Planned list. It is usually called Planned, Scheduled, Upcoming or Timeline. A few issues with the Planned list in those apps:

After years of using multiple to-do list applications and working around these issues, the idea of a new to-do list app was formed. A few months of development later we are proud to offer to you Focused.

The Features

Focused provides a functional set of features in a clean and minimal interface.

The aim of Focused is to increase your focus and productivity by providing you with the right set of features and getting out of your way.

A Simple Workflow

Focused is flexible. It can be used along with any productivity method or workflow.

A simple and effective workflow that can be used with Focused is outlined below. But do remember that this is by no means the only workflow that Focused supports.


Add all your tasks into the app. Any time you think of a task that needs to be done just add it into the app. This frees your mind from having to remember all the tasks that need to be done and also ensures that you don't forget anything.

During capture you would:

Daily Review

Review tasks daily, either at the start or at the end of the day. If reviewing at the start of the day you will select tasks to be done on that day and if reviewing at the end of the day you will select tasks to be done the next day.

During the daily review you would:


While working on the tasks you would:

At the end of the day, if you have any tasks pending in the Focus list

Weekly Review

Review tasks weekly and perform general maintenance and cleanup of your to-do lists and tasks.

During the weekly review you would: